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Under Louisiana law (La. R.S. 22:1575) an individual producer may not sell, solicit or negotiate long-term care.We offer affordable interest rates on top-rated insurers - visit our site and find more information.Click Here to continue to request a side-by-side comparison packet of all the companies listed on this page.I sell Long Term Care products. any agent marketing a Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance Policy or Certificate must complete eight (8).Some companies specialize in these types of policies and only write long term care.In this course we have studied long-term care and the ways people expect to pay for it, and we have learned why, for many, long-term care insurance is the best.Navigate a Course for Long-Term Care. Several strong insurance companies continue to sell policies, and there are new strategies for reducing the premiums.

An individual may not sell, solicit or negotiate (sell) long-term care insurance.Long-term care insurance,. pay out on their policies to nearly the extent that they suggest when they sell the.

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Boston-based John Hancock, a unit of the Canadian insurer Manulife Financial Corp., is no longer issuing group policies for long-term care.

Many companies, including Genworth, have said they underestimated the number of policyholders who would make claims and how long people would live.Long-term care insurance can protect personal assets and inheritance for the family, provide greater choice in the selection.The availability of insurance for long-term care has become a problem across the country, even as baby boomers age and seek options to pay for care.

Insurance Advisers, Inc.: A long term care insurance broker or LTCI brokerage providing LTC sales and services with several individual LTCI and multi-life long-term.Training requirements for insurance producers. (a). 2011, to sell long-term care insurance, shall complete the requirements in subparagraph (i)(A).

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Dodge the Long-Term Care Insurance Mess. Public companies that are or have been in the business of selling long-term care insurance include Genworth.Best Long-Term Care Insurance Solutions in the United States.

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South Carolina Long Term Care Partnership Agent Training Guidelines.Long term care insurance minimizes the stress and financial pressure experienced by families in crisis situations.LTCI Partners is a national brokerage firm specializing in long-term care (LTC) insurance solutions.Shop the market, impartially, of top-rated insurance companies that sell LTC plans in Florida.

If you need more information about ILTCP please call (317) 232-4391 or access the website.Long Term Care Insurance This list is compiled from a survey completed annually by insurance companies licensed to sell LTC insurance in NH Please contact.Has the insurer received approval to sell long-term care insurance.The state is in discussions with Genworth to bring the company back to Massachusetts, he said.

Long Term Care Insurance: A Gamble For Consumers,. scheduled by HR directors to sell long term care to.

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