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Yeah I was about to order a BFL miner but if you do the math, the difficulty is exponentially growing for bitcoins while litecoin difficulty is growing steadily.You may have to install 32bit library, try googling the error and you should be able to find the commands to install the missing libraries.There are literally hundreds of ways to mine and no one post can cover all of that.

Look into if hosted or at home mining is best for you then pick a machine.Mining does not take any internet data you can almost run it on dial-up. will not affect other computers at all.

If you have never mined Litecoins before then you can follow these steps to test your hardware.This will update all the Ubuntu files to the latest before we install AMD Radeon linux drivers.To make a bootable Ubuntu USB, you can use PenDriveLinux program.In case someone is using R9 280X cards (I have one MSI and one Gigabyte).

How To Create VM on Azure to Mine Bitcoin/Litecoin in 10. but rather a step-by-step guide on how to spin off a virtual machine on your own to start mining...I was able to get up and running with one GPU but when I added another, I ran.I also like to know how to set it up so that it starts automatically when Linux boots up.That is good on bamt and you can ue putty to remotley use terminal.I am trying to correctly transfer my Litecoin from Coinbase to Litecoin Core on my PC.Some details: I am using Xubuntu 12.10 and Sapphire Radeon 7950 as cards, but the amd Catalyst driver should work just fine for them.

Bitcoin Mining For Beginners: A Step By Step Guide To Bitcoin Mining.Rich Kirby on Do Not Use Two Factor Authenticatoin with Bittrex.

Bitcoin Mining Step by Step (Bitcoin Step by Step

Linux can be easily controlled remotely and automation can also be done easily. (so you can perhaps have your Litecoin rig running at slower frequency during peak hours to save you electricity and higher frequency during non-peak hours.).SDK is only needed when you compile your own CGMiner, the pre-built CGMiner already comes compiled with SDK.

It has a bios button on video card, not sure if that would help detection for some, however, my other three appear not to need it.C, Next go back to step A and B until you can maximize your hashrate.

And I am still stuck can you tell me what your friend did to help you get past this.Linux can utilize as many graphic cards as you want unlike Windows.Read how to buy Litecoin with Paypal or Credit Card instantly.Bitcoin may be the next big thing in finance, but it can be difficult for most people to understand how it works.Nice guide but lots of typos in scripts and no troubleshooting help.Choose the one that says san disc or what ever type usbstick you have.You need to do research and figure it out, as most people here did.Package dh-make:i386 is not available, but is referred to by another package.Many Litecoin pools may go down and not managed properly so you may want to be careful which pool you join.

You may want to consider having more space between your GPUs or just make a crate-based Litecoin rig.Tried to uninstal the drivers and install the 13.11 over them but didnt help.

By selecting all files you are enabling the file to be saved with the extension.conf.Try using Ubuntu if you can u should be able to run much higher than Windows.Now, this is just the tip of the iceburg as you will need to optimize the parameters to overclock your GPU and memory to get most of out it.Engine clock is basically your GPU and Memory clock is your memory.As coin investment is very time-sensitive, you will want to get the news as quickly as possible so you do not miss out on the next wave.Some people on the internet complain catalyst 14.xx can give issues so I stay away from it, might work for some but I can tell you 13.11 works great with my 7950 and R9 270 cards.

There is a lot of hosting option you basically point to pool and done.Thanks for info, I like to start at the top myself lol, and the less hassle with drivers the better, i been doing electronics all my life and at my age i like things that tad easier.I tired a few config files but my computer shut off immediatly after running cg miner.Scroll down to: How to permanently set kernel boot options on an installed OS (not wubi).With the recent Bitcoin price increase, now is the time to buy.Mining for digital dollars is being pitched as a new gold rush.

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Then point the image to your downloaded Ubuntu image and also to your USB flash drive.I wanted to post my working bat and see if someone would post theirs with a similar machine.Do that and choose your USB flash drive so your computer will boot into the USB flash drive.